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How It Works



HD Photo+Video Entertainment

VIP Photobooth combines classic memories with modern technology. Our open air design allows for multiple people to comfortably participate in the fun (no more cramming into a small booth).



Think of it as a party favor.

Not only is it a fun way to keep your guests entertained, but they get to walk away with a photo souvenir providing a reminder of the wonderful time they had. In addition, Your guests can view all the images online the following day to relive and share the memory.



It’s Super simple!

Gather your friends, Put on props, Pose for the camera’s countdown, and laugh your way through the photo session. After your photo session is complete collect your prints and instantly share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email via our social medial kiosk.



At your next event

Whether you are planning a corporate party, wedding, or any other special occasion; VIP Photobooth is sure to provide hours of entertainment, smiles, and laughter.



It’s where the party is at!

There will be a constant buzzing of happy guests, eager to gather props and pose for the camera. Most of the time we use the main reception facility or somewhere close to the entrance. Preferably somewhere visible so your guests know we are there.



Bonding is good

There is just something about putting on props and acting silly that brings people together. Laughter creates positive memories of your event and the printed photos provide a nice souvenir for your quests to remember the wonderful time they had at the event. If you are getting married, the prints have the weddiing date as well as the name of the bride and groom, If you are holding a corporate function the prints have the name and logo of the company. These prints create everlasting positive memories in association with your event and/or company.

Light up your party, and impress your guests with the VIP Photo Booth

Our quick prints and clean design will set you apart
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